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  • Chris Johnson

FREE Drone Training Press Release

Madison, Wisconsin

– In response to the worldwide quarantine, Pilot Training System is offering their popular online drone training program for free. According to PTS CEO Chris Johnson, “In an industry that is experiencing explosive growth

for certified drone pilots, we want to provide a convenient and free path for aspiring droners to prepare for their FAA Part 107 exam and become commercial drone pilots.”

PTS is an eLearning platform for manned and unmanned aircraft pilots, offering private pilot training and drone pilot training, that has been used to certify thousands of pilots by preparing them for their written FAA certification exams.

According to the FAA’s 2019 Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) Report in collaboration with AUVSI, the number of drones in circulation is expected to double to more than 2.4 million units by 2023, and the industry is expected to generate $82 billion in revenue by 2025. Meanwhile, the coronavirus has put the world on pause, providing new pilots with the opportunity to obtain their Part 107 certification.

Pilot Training System is the first training provider to offer a free online certification. Their course features concise training videos as well as free quizzes and practice exams that mimic the FAA exam, including detailed explanatory answers. PTS has been used to train hundreds of droners with a 97% pass rate.

PTS and its team is also developing an online drone data management platform, soon to be released for beta testing. This software is a mapping tool which allows users to store, visualize, and share their photo/videography on an online map via their personal storage source (local, cloud, etc.). Mappix is currently accepting beta-users for its software via its website.

The free drone training and Mappix beta sign-up can be found at



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