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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does Pilot Training System cost?

Nothing. It's completely FREE.

Why is Pilot Training System FREE?

We want to lower the barrier to entry for people to become licensed pilots. Flight training is already REALLY REALLY expensive, and the industry needs so many pilots. We're just doing our part to support the aviation industry.

How does Pilot Training System compare to other online flight training / eLearning?

The course content is all the same because the educational subject matter is mandated by the FAA under FAR Parts 61 and 107 for private-pilot and commercial drone training, respectively. Paid systems may look fancier, but Pilot Training System is the same FAA-published training materials that our for-cost competitors will offer for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but learning to fly is the same. Ours is FREE. Enjoy.

What is the FAA course content that Pilot Training System uses?

Pilot Training System was built by turning the FAA's Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (for private pilots) and the Remote Pilot - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide (for commercial drone pilots) into videos with quizzes and practice exams. We use user-centered grading to help students learn from wrong answers, and our learning management system helps students track progress.

How do I pass the Pilot Training Systems courses?

To pass either the Private Pilot course or the Commercial Drone Pilot course and earn your course-completion certificate and FAA endorsement, you must pass each quiz and practice exam with a score 90% or better. Green checkmarks in "View My Progress" show each lesson that has been passed with a 90% or better. After all of the red Xs become green checkmarks, you're ready to take the FAA exam.  

Where do I take my FAA exam?

Find a local flight school here: Click "Find a Test Center", fill out your location information and select exam = "Private Pilot Airplane (PAR)" or "Unmanned Aircraft General - Small (UAG)". Each exam costs $150-200, and you'll need to present the FAA endorsement that Pilot Training System offers to take the Private Pilot Airplane exam, a FREE $300 value. Please tell your friends.

How can I change my password?

Click "Account Settings" in the menu in the upper left (hamburger icon) enter your new information, and click "Update my Account".

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